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Samsung has unveiled its upcoming user interface for Galaxy Watches, and it comes with new health-related features, with a focus on ones designed to help you get a better quality of sleep. Its new Sleep Insights UI, for instance, now prominently displays your sleep score that’s based on several metrics, such as your snoring hours and blood oxygen levels. 

That way, you can easily see why you feel tired even though you’ve just woken up. Or, you can take note of when you feel especially refreshed in the morning so you can try to replicate anything you did that may have contributed to the quality of sleep you got. In addition, Sleep Coaching is now available on the Watch itself, and not just on its paired phone, allowing you to track your habits more easily.

Samsung has also added a new running tool called Personalized Heart Rate Zone that analyzes your capabilities and sets five optimal workout intensity levels based on your stats and history. This enables you to set your own goals and achieve new heights when it comes to activity, as you’re only competing with yourself. 

If you like outdoor activities and have a Galaxy Watch Pro, you’ll see an improved Route Workout feature that supports running and walking, not just hiking and cycling. Finally, the upcoming Watch UI will have an updated SOS feature that directly connects to an emergency number to relay your location. First responders will also be available to access your medical information when emergency mode is activated. And in case you’re 55 or older, fall detection will be activated by default. 


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