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Whenever I hear the words ‘sleep’ and ‘naked’ in the same sentence my mind immediately goes to the worst-case scenario.

Like maybe there’s a fire and you wake up to the smell of smoke and raging flames and you have no other choice but to flee your burning home exactly as you are, without even time to put a dressing gown on.

I’m positive it’s a perfectly rational fear. And while it’s probably unlikely to ever happen, for this over-thinker there is always the WHAT IF???

Watch: Kim K says she sleeps in her make-up. Post continues after video.

But what if I told you that sleeping in the buff actually has loads of benefits? And maybe, just maybe, they outweigh the risk of a fireman seeing your special places. 

Which, come to think of it, wouldn’t really be that bad.

Here are five top-notch benefits of sleeping commando.

1. Sleeping without underwear can help prevent thrush.

If you don’t know by now – and you really should – wearing tight-fitting underwear can increase your chances of developing thrush, because there’s nothing fungus loves more than moist, warm places. Add in some sheets and a doona, and you could have a recipe for disaster. 

Going commando allows for a certain amount of ventilation, keeping your lady garden cool and breezy and the common yeast infection at bay. 

2. For people with penises, sleeping naked can aid sperm production.

While the evidence is a little lacklustre, a few studies have pointed out that long-term exposure to high temperatures may negatively impact sperm production, according to the Sleep Doctor.

So by avoiding the scrotum being constricted or overheated while men sleep, the experts say heading to bed naked may boost sperm count.

Tara Meakins


AUGUST 1, 2023

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3. Sleeping nude can improve sleep quality.

Are you the kind of person who tosses and turns for what feels like hours before you finally fall into the land of nod? You might just be too warm.

The temperature of the bedroom plays a huge role in how well you sleep, with cooler air causing people to drop off a heck of a lot quicker. So with all that clothing and bedding, is it any surprise that studies show sleeping people will try to expose more of their skin to the fresh air when the temperature rises?

It’s just another reason to take off your jammies before you get under the covers.

Listen to the hosts of 8 Minutes to Change Your (Work) Life on three steps to improve your sleep. Post continues after podcast.

4. It gives an oxytocin boost.

Beyond putting you in the mood, sleeping nakey with a partner and having all that skin-to-skin contact may actually promote the body to release oxytocin, AKA the love hormone, which not only reduces stress but can increase the bond between people.

While you may know oxytocin as the hormone that helps the womb contract during childbirth and brings on the milk during breastfeeding, it is also important for the brain to help people build relationships. According to Health Direct, the hormone promotes trust and empathy while getting people sexually aroused.

5. Sleeping nude encourages self-love.

Forget about what may or may not happen between the sheets – just being naked around others can increase the appreciation people have for their own bodies, improving body image and mental health, according to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research.

The researchers also found evidence that the improved body image among those who got naked as part of their trial was related to reduced social physique anxiety.

So, what’ll you be wearing to bed tonight?

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