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Emine Saner (Don’t check the clock! 15 ways to get back to sleep when you wake at 3am, 3 August) missed my top tip to avoid being awake at 3am. Get a pillow speaker, tune in to the BBC World Service, and drift off back to sleep to the sound of news reports from around the world.
Ian Ferguson
Pickering, North Yorkshire

 Re the best strategy for going back to sleep, I have discovered that if I lie down on the very edge of the bed, I soon drop off.
Adrian Brodkin

 It would be nice if you could find an alternative word to “modest” in describing the wearing of the hijab (Move over Barbie, Hijarbie is back – to celebrate Muslim fashion and culture, 3 August). I completely defend the right of women to wear the hijab if they choose to, but find offensive the implication that by not covering my hair, I am somehow being immodest.
Hildegard Dumper
Nailsea, Somerset

 If Adrian Chiles (Want a glimpse of dystopia? Visit the self-service checkouts, 2 August) wants chat and help, he should come to the Co-op in Chipping Norton. He can have excellent free coffee from a machine, comfy chairs, people to chat to, books to borrow. And assistants to help with anything, including replenishing the coffee machine with real milk.
Margaret Bruce
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

 As an introvert, at times I do prefer to use self-service machines. But I’d take the option of talking to a human over the latest “innovation” at a local Sainsbury’s. At the self-checkout area you have to retain your receipt and scan it to open the barrier before you can leave.
Ingrid Warren


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